3 Little Pigs

three little pigs kids books craft

Young kids are enthusiastic pre-readers. They have their favourite books which they read over and over again. The vivid imagery and Mamma’s style of reading, engages them in the book. My role as a mother would be to keep this enthusiasm  alive through the years.
Supplementing books with age appropriate activities, develops a deeper understanding of and involvement in the book.
Three Little Pigs is a favourite with my preschooler. He wanted to make the houses just like the little pigs did. So we spent our afternoon making these cute straw, stick and brick houses.

Supplies Needed
Cardboard Sheet
Red & Pink paper
Ice-cream sticks
Cutting Blade
Black marker pen


To Make
1. Draw a house on the cardboard sheet and cut it out using the blade. Repeat for the other two.
2. Cut the red paper into small rectangles.
3. Stick the hay, ice-cream sticks and bricks on the houses and allow to dry.
4. Draw out the pig faces on the pink paper with your marker pen.
5. Use an ice-cream stick and glue it onto a pig face to make a stick puppet.

Making the book come alive and indulging in pretend play was an absolute thrill for bubs. Fuel your imagination and encourage reading as an everyday activity for your child.

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