4 Times When Your Child May Need Urgent Pediatric Care

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Contributed by Dr.Saloni Lalit Pahwa (MBBS, DCH gold medalist) our in-house pediatrician. Here she states four times when pediatric care should not be ignored.

In the following situations, you should pay extra attention to how your child is behaving –

Ear Infections
Kids of all ages suffer from ear infections, and the symptoms often come on suddenly. High fever, irritability or obvious pain and favour of one ear are some of the symptoms, very often in younger children the only symptom is excessive crying. It is important to have the child examined and promptly treated if this is the case.

Suspected Fractures
Children play and explore and often hurt themselves in the process. Minor cuts and bruises can easily be treated at home, some tender loving care goes a long way. However, if your child is in obvious pain after a fall or a sports-related injury then it is important to get checked out immediately. It may be only a sprain, but it is advisable to check for a severe fracture or a break. The good news is that with prompt care, there should be no lasting damage.

Burns, Bumps and Bruises
If you have an inquisitive little toddler at hand, little bumps and bruises are unavoidable. Of course every small injury does not warrant rushing to a doctor. Local first aid and wound care is enough. Severe burns, gaping cuts and lacerations or any kind of head injury should be evaluated immediately.

Coughs and Fever
These two things are a sign of the immune system trying to get rid of substances in the body that it doesn’t want. Usually, this is a very normal reaction, but, with kids, one must pay special attention. Cough can sometimes signify obstructions, infections or even allergies. Treatment for all differ accordingly and hence should be evaluated by your doctor. In the case of fever, if it comes on suddenly, then it might be worth seeking urgent medical attention. This is especially the case if it is a high fever. In this situation, you should not hesitate to seek treatment.

Peace of Mind, Anytime
If your child is in any obvious discomfort, or even if you as a parent have the slightest doubt, it is worth running it by your paediatrician. It often helps to just have your doctor reiterate that your child is healthy.

Dr.Saloni Lalit Pahwa has worked as a Junior consultant at Healthcare for Children, Bandra (w), and Bai Jerbai Wadia hospital for children, Mumbai. She can be reached on pahwasaloni@gmail.com

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