My little three year old enthusiast has been asking for a toy garage for pretend play. I made this using empty cardboard boxes (cereal and medicine containers) and empty toilet rolls. This one was a big hit and ensured a long time of independent play.


  1. A medium size firm cardboard box
  2. 3 small size cardboard boxes for the top section
  3. Toilet paper rolls
  4. Silver wrapping paper
  5. Coloured paper for the box
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Fevicol
  8. Cutting blade

A. Hollow out the two sides of the medium cardboard box. Use this to create sections as shown below.


  • Once dry, Cover the top with coloured paper.
  • Stack up the toilet paper rolls with a hot glue gun.
  • On the other side, wrap the three boxes with silver paper.
  • Fasten onto the box and use as a covered shed.
  • Park the toycars in and let your child have a fun pretend play session.



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