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It’s the morning rush hour and my home is abuzz with activity. Everyone is rushing about to make it in time for school and work. Amidst the chaos, the only thing ignored, is possibly the most important morning ritual – breakfast.


Ask me why I think a cup of tea or a glass of milk is a poor start to the day.  By breakfast time it is usually about 12 hours since your last meal. Skipping breakfast prevents your blood glucose levels from returning to normal and you miss out on essential energy that is required for the long day ahead. This can impact you in several ways –



  1. You are likely to find yourself suddenly famished and will end up grabbing an unhealthy alternative for a quick fix.
  2. You can experience low energy levels which may ultimately impact your performance at work and handling of daily chores.
  3. Children who eat breakfast regularly may perform better in school. They have improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving and better comprehension during reading and listening.
  4. It may be difficult to meet the recommended dietary allowance of vitamins and minerals from lunch and dinner alone.


Everything being said, having a well-prepared wholesome breakfast is not always a viable option. But, I am here to tell you how you can have the best possible one to start to your day with- one which provides nourishment to the body in the morning. Did I mention, it can be CUSTOMISED for every family member, is FUN and takes very LITTLE PREP TIME?


Let’s create the perfect breakfast cereal bowl with my household staple – Kellogg’s cereal.


The cereal bowl which includes milk / yoghurt and fresh fruit along with the cereal provides carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals.  This super bowl is power-packed with nutrition, here’s how:


  1. CerealWith Kellogg’s variants available in corn, wheat, rice, oats, bran – there is something to suit every palette.
  2. Fresh Fruits –High on taste, fruits also provide complex carbohydrates in the form of fibre. I prefer fresh berries when in season which are loaded with anti-oxidants.
  3. Dairy – Milk and yogurt are important sources of protein and calcium. Add them to your cereal for a satisfying meal. 

Kellogg’s cornflakes are fortified with Iron. Iron deficiency is among the most common nutrition deficiency in Indians. In terms of calories, a serving of Kellogg’s cereal with a glass of milk has about 150 calories.


Now, let’s explore the benefits of consuming a great bowl of breakfast every morning can do for you and your little one in the long term.


  1. Various studies have shown that adults and children who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don’t. This may be because you are able to better balance your calorie intake for the day. Starting the day on a fuller note reduces the cravings for sweets and starches.
  2. Experts agree that eating breakfast regularly can help lower high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.
  3. Food literally provides energy. Replenishing your body in the morning allows brain cells to function properly, increase concentration and energy levels and therefore allows you to achieve the maximum through the day.
  4. For those who often suffer from constipation, the energy boosting essential carbs found in cereals are an important source of fibre. Fibre intake in general helps maintain a healthier gut.


I would like to mention here that avoiding breakfast as a weight loss strategy, actually works against you.  Breakfast should provide 20-25% daily nutrition needs. We need to ensure that we consume a balanced breakfast each morning to kick start our day. Let’s promise to give ourselves and our family the gift of health by making each morning count in the best possible manner. Start your day in top gear with a bowl full of nourishment.


This national nutrition month, spread the message about the importance of breakfast with Kelloggs and share this article to remind your loved ones to #Breakthehabit of skipping it.


  1. Amrita
    September 17, 2018

    We try for a high protein breakfast with no processed food .Its the best way to feel stronger .Its good that you are raising awareness.

  2. Shubhada Bhide
    September 17, 2018

    Oh, that is my kind of breakfast. I really love corn flakes so much for my breakfast and snack while doing my work.


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