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One of the first things that comes into being the minute you become a parent is baby care. A clean and dry baby is a happy baby. Here, I share with you my experience and tips to help you choose the best diaper for your child. We only want what is best and offers complete convenience so it’s one less thing for us busy mammas to worry about.

As a mother who has cleaned way too many diaper explosions in the middle of the night, I consider myself bit of an expert on the diapering front. After much trials, I spent a good part of one month putting the Pamper’s Next Gen 3X technology to test. Here is how I put the diaper to test.


Diaper fit
The snug fit waistband stayed with the baby through the tossing and turning all night. A toddler mom would know how much toddlers can move about through the night. A good comfortable fit is imperative to minimise the risk of an explosion

Leak Prevention
With growing babies, the amount of pee also increases. In the winter and monsoon months, babies pee a lot more owing to lower temperatures. The 3x channel absorption technology is purely genius. It absorbs with speed, distributes it evenly and allows the diaper to soak a lot more liquid. To be practical, disposable diapers win over the cloth ones any day because of this. While cloth diapers have to be changed for every use, disposable diapers can be both convenient and comfortable for the baby.

Stay Dry
While the diaper is highly absorbent, the top layer remains dry. This is essential to keep the baby dry and prevent those nasty diaper rashes that can occur with unclean or wet bums. Nothing can upset a mother more than seeing the gentle skin all red during a diaper change. It will have you fretting and worrying since you know how uncomfortable that little baby will be. This is also essential in preventing rashes as a damp diaper can increase the pH levels of the baby’s skin – leading to irritation and rashes.

A good diaper should not weigh your baby down. We used this extensively during our recent weekend away from the city. My baby was in the diaper all day and night and we did not have to worry about the diaper getting too heavy during the long journey. A happy smiley baby is always a comfortable and dry baby first. Thin diapers are not just lightweight, they usually tend to be more breathable for the baby as well.

There is a general misconception that disposable diapers do not allow the skin to breathe. The modern design Pamper’s Next Gen diapers are soft on the skin and allow for it to breathe. They also have a moisturizing lotion that helps prevent rashes – not to forget the convenient design which allows the baby to move around as he wants.

The 3X channel absorbent technology mean that you will not have to change the diapers frequently. Once your baby is ready for a change, simply tare at the sides and toss in the bin. You are done! The pant style is super convenient to change on the go. For older kids, this can be done standing or in the case of infants gently pull up.


With diapering, there is certain care that one must ensure. Firstly, diapers should be changed promptly when soiled. Nothing causes a rash like soiled bums. Secondly baby’s gentle skin should always be well moisturised. Thirdly some free time in the day without any diaper so baby can be free, and kick around is important.

I hope your search for the perfect diaper ends here, and you do not feel so pooped out anymore. Do try out this new launch and share your feedback below.

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