Coparenting in order to #ShareTheLoad as a Family

Growing up in a typical Indian household, where the mother does the household chores and the father goes to office are cultural influences that we grow up with. It is all around us, it is the “normal” way to live and no one really realises its implications. This thought process is seamlessly carried on from one generation to the next, till one day a sudden realisation / movement / campaign makes us think outside the box.

Soft as a baby’s skin

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The phrase “Soft as a baby’s skin” reminds you of a little pink baby with chubby cheeks, with skin that is so smooth, delicate, and soft. Baby’s skin needs to be kept clean and well moisturized always. One of the first duties as a mother is deciding which lotion to choose from the plethora of brands available at your local store. It can be overwhelming to choose a product that is safe and gentle and protects the skin from dryness.

Decoding Influenza

A runny nose, a sore throat, cough and tiredness – could it be just the common cold or is it flu? The symptoms that mostly overlap, make it hard to determine who the culprit is. Unlike the common cold, influenza or flu as it is generally referred to, is a more serious condition and one that can lead to complications.


Travel is an exciting word. It promises new experiences, a break from routine life and a chance to recharge and refresh oneself.  Add a tiny human being to this and the equation completely changes. I get it, parenting is challenging. Moving out of your comfort and support zone and planning a trip with a baby can seem to be a daunting task. However, a well thought of itinerary and an intelligent planning go a long way in ensuring that the entire family has a lovely holiday.


We have two boys under four and we were keen to make the most of summer and do a weekend away with our boys. My husband and I discussed child friendly locations and co-parenting responsibilities at the onset. Fathers, who are in most cases not the primary caregiver, may not be prepared for the time and effort it takes to care for a child. Discuss this openly with your spouse and decide the duties that you both will share. It will help keep both of you on the same page. Once this is out of the way, get down to the planning.


Do your Research

There are several ways travelling with a child can be made comfortable. I spent many hours online researching for child friendly stay options. Recommendations from other parents surely help. Zero down on 2 or 3 that seem best and discuss this with your partner. Make a checklist of your requirements. Some of the things to look out for are –


Comfortable room / suite size
Child friendly menu
High chair at the restaurants
Play area
Swimming pool for babies
Activity / Indoor play room
Laundry / Pantry Facility


Pack in Advance
Clothes, diapers, toys, toiletries, snacks – the list is long. You do not want to be stuck in a new place and remember the pacifier the baby won’t sleep without is left on the bedside. Write down everything you may need and there will always be an item or two you remember to put in later.


Travel Tips
Kids do tend to get restless while travelling and the erstwhile “Are we there yet” doesn’t seem to cease. Carry some entertainment for the road – busy bags, crayons, books and nursery rhyme CDs for older kids and rattle / sensory toys for younger ones.

Carry light snacks for the travel. I generally like to pack 5-6 mini snacks which can be offered at intervals.


Take it Easy
An action packed itinerary just won’t fly with a baby.  Instead plan for one big activity or couple of the smaller ones each day. It keeps the pressure off the holiday and everyone is more relaxed. The last thing you want is a tired and cranky child when you too are exhausted.


Disposable Diapers
This works best during travel as it is use and throw. Carry extra, change when soiled and use a diaper rash cream to keep the baby’s bum clean and irritation free. We use Teddyy diapers and their disposable changing mats which is a multipack product.


Carry Toys & Treats
Kids need to be occupied while indoors as well. I like to carry books and some new toys to keep their interest up. This also allows my husband and I to enjoy some ‘us’ time while the kids are busy. We pack in our tablet which is offered as a treat to the kids while we rest or prepare for the day ahead.


A holiday is for the entire family and sharing child care duties ensures that mom is not overworked. My husband and I like to take turns when possible looking after the kids. This gives us some time to enjoy activities like a massage or shopping which is not possible otherwise.


To sum up, planning well, packing in advance and taking it easy are to key mantras to an enjoyable family holiday. Try to stay as close to a baby’s routine, plan activities that are enjoyable for the entire family and share the load. This way you will have a happy, well-travelled child at hand.


pampers india diaper parents parenting moms

One of the first things that comes into being the minute you become a parent is baby care. A clean and dry baby is a happy baby. Here, I share with you my experience and tips to help you choose the best diaper for your child. We only want what is best and offers complete convenience so it’s one less thing for us busy mammas to worry about.

As a mother who has cleaned way too many diaper explosions in the middle of the night, I consider myself bit of an expert on the diapering front. After much trials, I spent a good part of one month putting the Pamper’s Next Gen 3X technology to test. Here is how I put the diaper to test.


Diaper fit
The snug fit waistband stayed with the baby through the tossing and turning all night. A toddler mom would know how much toddlers can move about through the night. A good comfortable fit is imperative to minimise the risk of an explosion

Leak Prevention
With growing babies, the amount of pee also increases. In the winter and monsoon months, babies pee a lot more owing to lower temperatures. The 3x channel absorption technology is purely genius. It absorbs with speed, distributes it evenly and allows the diaper to soak a lot more liquid. To be practical, disposable diapers win over the cloth ones any day because of this. While cloth diapers have to be changed for every use, disposable diapers can be both convenient and comfortable for the baby.

Stay Dry
While the diaper is highly absorbent, the top layer remains dry. This is essential to keep the baby dry and prevent those nasty diaper rashes that can occur with unclean or wet bums. Nothing can upset a mother more than seeing the gentle skin all red during a diaper change. It will have you fretting and worrying since you know how uncomfortable that little baby will be. This is also essential in preventing rashes as a damp diaper can increase the pH levels of the baby’s skin – leading to irritation and rashes.

A good diaper should not weigh your baby down. We used this extensively during our recent weekend away from the city. My baby was in the diaper all day and night and we did not have to worry about the diaper getting too heavy during the long journey. A happy smiley baby is always a comfortable and dry baby first. Thin diapers are not just lightweight, they usually tend to be more breathable for the baby as well.

There is a general misconception that disposable diapers do not allow the skin to breathe. The modern design Pamper’s Next Gen diapers are soft on the skin and allow for it to breathe. They also have a moisturizing lotion that helps prevent rashes – not to forget the convenient design which allows the baby to move around as he wants.

The 3X channel absorbent technology mean that you will not have to change the diapers frequently. Once your baby is ready for a change, simply tare at the sides and toss in the bin. You are done! The pant style is super convenient to change on the go. For older kids, this can be done standing or in the case of infants gently pull up.


With diapering, there is certain care that one must ensure. Firstly, diapers should be changed promptly when soiled. Nothing causes a rash like soiled bums. Secondly baby’s gentle skin should always be well moisturised. Thirdly some free time in the day without any diaper so baby can be free, and kick around is important.

I hope your search for the perfect diaper ends here, and you do not feel so pooped out anymore. Do try out this new launch and share your feedback below.