christmas tree diy decor

One of the biggest joys of Christmas for a parent is watching little hands open presents, eat cookies and shake Santa’s hand. In this spirit, we decided to host a special Christmas get together. Here is the beautiful decor we did to give our home an Xmas feel. 


Wrapping Presents
christmas wrapping presents diy1. Use a plain brown paper for the base.
2. For the first one, I used a blue and white ribbon to give it a winter feel. The snowman was cut up from a greeting card and attached to the ribbon.
3. For the second gift, I used a broad strand of red crepe paper over the brown base. This was then completed with a ribbon and some Christmas baubles.
Gift wrapping is really about getting creative and using the supplies you have on hand.


Table Centrepiece

christmas xmas diy

chritsmas table piece diy decorThe story of Christmas and the olden days when animals – mostly donkeys used to ferry goods and gifts.

I used the toy animals from my son’s collection as part of the table setting. Empty boxes were wrapped in paper, stuck on top the animal backs using double sided tape and fastened with strings.



Another interesting idea is to fill a glass bowl with pine cones. Add blue, green or red long stemmed candles to go with your theme.

Floral Arrangements

Dried flowers are stocked with most florists. We found some gorgeous red and silver ones. We added pretty candles which look beautifully when lit up at night. Silver and gold net was stuffed in the glass vases to complete the look.

These floral arrangement were all done by my Ma who is a ikebana artist. The upfront cost of dried flowers can be a little high, but they can be stored and reused as required.

Doing up your home for a festive feel makes it look beautiful and inviting. Kids can be a part of it and help with decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping presents. I hope these little tips and tricks help you do up your adobe.

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