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Ever wondered if your child is truly well nourished ? If yes, then you are not alone. Most mothers, who are committed to nutrition , do think about this from time to time. After all, a healthy diet helps in maximising a child’s growth in all spheres – physical, mental and emotional.


We know that fruits, vegetables and a mix from all food groups are an essential part of the daily food chart. Getting little children to agree however, is a whole other game. Today’s lifestyle which is all about eating on the go, travelling and back to back classes doesn’t help much. Children are constantly surrounded by junk food, be it via screen adverts, birthdays or simply another child’s snack box.


During summer holidays, my boys are more concerned with playing and being outdoors and often view eating their meals as a disturbance from all the fun. Kids can go hours without even realising that they are hungry. As a mother, it is my job to make sure, they take the 5 minute break to consume something that can replenish their energy levels and keep them full for the next few hours of play.


In my search to complete my child’s RDA of keys nutrients, I was glad to learn about the just launched PediaSure Cookies & Cream. The word cookie automatically triggered a positive note for my children. We mixed ours with some cold milk and it went down faster than I could imagine and left them wanting for more. Kids always want something tasty but I on the other hand need to ascertain the nutritional benefits of offering it to them.


The Cookies & Cream flavour is packed with 37 vital nutrients which aids a child’s height, weight and energy needs. It boosts immunity, keeps the child full while ensuring that it doesn’t lead to obesity. Its sweet, easy to love flavour would get thumbs up from even the pickiest eater.


At the unveiling of the new flavour, Actor Lara Dutta and Tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi shared how summer holidays are action packed with travel and activities for their six year old daughter Saira. Mother Lara wants to make sure that she’s eating right amidst all the running around and PediaSure Cookies & Cream #timetogrow is a win win for both – mother and daughter.

Adding to this at the launch event, Dr. Eileen Canday stated that two to six years are a child’s formative years, laying the foundation for motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills for life. Children grow rapidly during this time and have specific nutritional requirements. Along with a healthy balanced diet, a nutritional supplement is beneficial for maximising their overall growth.


The highlight for me is negotiating with my children. As I allow them a tasty treat a day, in return they are to eat their meals without any fuss. (Learn more about this healthy treat ) Little do they know that this treat is fully mommy approved! I hope you try this for yourself and get a big hug from your child.

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