Heres how I got my fussy eater to remain healthy

Every mother, everywhere, tries to make her child eat healthy foods. It is that one common pain point of all mothers. Why is it that despite our continuous efforts, kids don’t eat healthy foods? And making them eat healthy foods is such a daunting task. Mention words like chocolate, chips and junk food, and they will stop playing and come running for yummy treats. And the moment you decide to serve them simpleghar-ka-khana, and you will most likely hear a big ‘NO’. Dealing with fussy eaters can be frustrating. For me, the telltale signs of my child being a fussy eater were –

  • Being engrossed in games and activities, he did not realise when he was hungry. I would call out to my son to eat his food, but it would be left on the table and would turn cold.Click here to read the entire article.

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