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The Diapering Dilemma

THE DIAPERING DILEMMA Diapering has always been at the fore front of baby care. That gentle skin needs to be kept clean and dry so that the baby is healthy and happy. You may find yourself fretting over cloth or disposable diapers, the brand and the diaper style. Let’s explore our options to make an…

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Winterproofing Your Wardrobe

As featured in Mother & Baby Magazine Dec ’17 “Don’t forget to put on your jacket.” As soon as I heard myself yell out those words to my kids, I realised it was time to sort out the winter wardrobe. In a country where winter ranges from pretty much non-existent to chilly, how does one…

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Trending Sleepwear Brands for Kids

Sleeping in style never seemed more important! The sleepwear market in India for children and mothers, has exploded with home grown and international brands offering the best in this category. From cheery and cheap to luxurious and indulgent, there are options to suit all pockets. Here, I share with you the hottest picks, based on…

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3 Little Pigs

Young kids are enthusiastic pre-readers. They have their favourite books which they read over and over again. The vivid imagery and Mamma’s style of reading, engages them in the book. My role as a mother would be to keep this enthusiasm  alive through the years.