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In the age of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube offering a wealth of age-specific content, how do you choose what your kids should watch? Ananta Goyal wades through them all to list the best. 



Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

TARGET AGE: 2-5 years

WHERE: Netflix

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an engaging and relatable show that does not stray far from reality. This animated preschool series features Daniel, a shy but brave 4-year-old tiger, who lives in the Neighborhood of Make Believe. With help from his family, friends and neighbours, he learns key skills which helps in school and life. Everyday emotions like anger, frustration and rejection are depicted in a relatable way, which further allows parents to discuss the same in depth with their kids. It uses songs to teach children how to deal with their feelings and make sense of the world at large, which in turn can help in a child’s social-emotional development.

Ask the Storybots

TARGET AGE: 2-5 years

WHERE: Netflix

This is an educational series, which parents will enjoy as five interesting creatures—the Storybots—who live inside a computer, and answer important questions asked by a kid. “Why is the sky blue? Why does night happen? Why should I brush my teeth?” etc are commonly posed by a toddler, and the Storybots travel the world, asking different creatures for help in finding the answer, which is ultimately revealed through a song. The show encourages children to think and ask questions about common things they see around them.


Peppa Pig

TARGET AGE: 2-5 years

WHERE: Nick Jr.

TIME: 8-9 am and 11 am–12 noon

Peppa Pig is unarguably an animated series loved by toddlers and preschoolers the world over. The story revolves around the a cheeky, tiny, lovable little Peppa Pig, who lives with her family, including her little brother George, and Mummy and Daddy Pig. Since the principle character is a preschooler, the show creates an immediate connection with kids of that age. Each short episode of this series teaches munchkins important and essential lessons about friendship, cooperation, sharing and family bonding, and everyday life as it appears to a baby. The show always ends on a happy note with all the pigs snorting and laughing, which is a hit with all the little ones.


TARGET AGE: 2-7 years

WHERE: YouTube

A YouTube sensation with over a billion views, Blippi is an energetic and fun character whose cool, signature blue and orange clothes, funny little hat and bow tie, and orange glasses kids all over the world have come to love. He is capable of captivating children with catchy songs and dance, and his characteristic goofy mannerisms add to the fun quotient and quirkiness of this show. At the same time, it also provides high quality educational content for toddlers and preschoolers, focussing on important tricks in learning numbers, colours and shapes.


Curious George


WHERE: YouTube

Based on the Curious George book series, this is a well-rounded and easy-to-grasp show that centres around George, a likeable and naughty monkey who finds it difficult to make himself understood—this is something young kids will relate to. Curious George often takes off on fun adventures but things always seem to go a little wrong. Through this, the series highlights everyday life lessons that kids can learn, apart from information on colours, shapes and numbers.

Team Umizoomi

TARGET AGE: 3-6 years

WHERE: YouTube

This animated American series is about 6-year-old Milli, her brother Geo, 8, and their friendly robot named Bot. They are mini superheroes who help other kids build basic math skills. What distinguishes this show from the rest is that it concentrates heavily on education and learning. The storyline incorporates counting numbers, informal subtraction and addition, spatial relations, patterns, shapes and numeral recognition. It entices kids with its engaging format and aims to sharpen their logic skills—you cannot go wrong with this series.


Paw Patrol

TARGET AGE: 3-7 years

WHERE: Nick Jr.

TIME: 10-11 am, 2-3 pm, 5-6 pm, 7-8 pm

Paw Patrol is about six rescue pups who, guided by their human friend, come to the aide of their neighbours. With the help of team work and using the different skills that people have, it highlights how coming together is the best way to get a job done. The key themes of the show are friendship and respect, and it does a great job of teaching kids about team work and caring for others.

Little Einsteins


WHERE: YouTube

Little Einsteins is a refreshing change from the usual animated series you ususually find on TV because it highlights iconic places around the world, important artworks, and classical music. It is about four young friends who travel the world in a rocket and introduce little ones to the world of art. The show is packed with fun, and kids particularly enjoy the cool gadgets on board the rocket.

Sid the Science Kid

TARGET AGE: 4-8 years

WHERE: YouTube

Inquisitive Sid has a lot of questions about the world around him, and he finds the answers using easy scientific investigation and observation. This show piques the interest of preschoolers, who can relate to Sid’s unending questions. It further captures the energy, enthusiasm, and at times, chaos, of the early childhood classroom. Sid the Science Kid is filled with songs, dance and humour, which teach kids about the world around them and how everything works.

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  1. Monika
    April 16, 2018

    Yes….screen time is important and beneficial for kid’s if we supervise and properly monitor it!! My boy loves Paw Patrol, Peppa and Blippi!! ??


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